Carwie Associates | Sales Training & Coaching
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Sales Training & Coaching

Don’t miss the upcoming Interactive Sales Training for the material supply industries.

Basic Sales Training

For over twenty years, Chris has worked extensively in selling and marketing-related roles, focusing on developing and cultivating relationships, project estimating and bidding, procuring and selling materials and sales management. In the last five years, C&A has utilized this experience to expand into sales training and coaching. This wide-ranging experience enables C&A to stay current on sales issues and industry topics, providing Chris with key insights into today’s sales professional.

  • Partnering with Vantage Associates, C&A has recently help develop and teach interactive sales training for the concrete and aggregates industries (Vantage Associates worked with the NSSGA (National Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association) over the last twenty-five years to develop and teach the classes (www.vantageassociates/
  • Partnering with Corsini Consulting (, C&A is assisting Thomas Concrete with developing a Market Based Sales Accountability Program. The program includes DNA Tri Metrix assessments and debriefs, goal and metric development, and direct sales coaching.
  • C&A does individual sales coaching with sales personnel across varied industries including various retail markets, commercial real estate, contracting, counseling, financial planning, and of course, material supply. The sales training focuses on goal setting, value selling, time management, and accountability.

Companies who actively participate in C&A training / coaching activities include: Martin Marietta, Vulcan Materials, Lehigh-Hanson, Summit Companies, Thomas Concrete, Granite Construction, Pine Bluff, Cemex, The Rogers Group and many more. (